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Hieracium — Hawkweed
Nine species in Delaware, four are native.
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Basal leaves only (or mostly)


Hieracium caespitosum, Meadow Hawkweed
Several flower heads on short stalks; black with hairs. Alien.

Hieracium flagellare, Hawkweed
2 - 4 flower heads on long stalks. Alien, Piedmont only.

Hieracium pilosella, Mouse-ear Hawkweed
Usually just one flower head. Alien.

Not stoloniferous

Hieracium venosum, Rattlesnake Hawkweed
Leaf veins dark. Native.

Hieracium piloselloides, Tall Hawkweed
Leaves glaucous, less than an inch wide. Alien, Piedmont only.

Hieracium lachenalii, European Hawkweed
Leaves not glaucous, up to 2" wide. Alien, Piedmont only.

Leafy stems

Hieracium paniculatum, Panicled Hawkweed
Small, long-stalked flowers in a loose panicle. Native, Piedmont only.

Hieracium scabrum, Rough Hawkweed
Top of stout stem is densely hairy; basal leaves gone at flowering time. Native.

Hieracium gronovii, Hairy Hawkweed
Basal leaves and leaves on the lower part of the stem both present at flowering time. Native.

Sources: The Flora of Delaware, Manual of Vascular Plants, Herbaceous Plants of Maryland.

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